Soil Modification

Soil Modification and Stabilization

There are always compromises that have to be made when it comes to construction sites. You might get a great location, but the soil may be poor and unusable as fill material.  Excavating the entire site, hauling the bad soil away and replacing it with better soil is not only expensive and time-consuming, but also unnecessary.  Modern technologies allow us to modify existing soil to your specifications, providing quality fill material for your project.   M.T. Laney Company, Inc. can offer full assistance when it comes to soil modification and stabilization for your construction site.

Benefits of Soil Modification

  • Save time and money
  • Strengthen the subgrade and reduce plasticity
  • Achieve desired compaction with back-fill
  • Get soil resistant to swelling and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Reduce the amount of weather-related delays
soil reclamation phase 1

soil reclamation phase2

How We Approach Soil Modification

Soil modification is the process of altering the physical and chemical structure and texture of the natural soil to make sure it offers sufficient support to the foundation of your road or structure. Our soil modification experts at M.T. Laney Company, Inc. will work closely with your project’s Soils Engineer to determine to what subgrade depth and to what extent the soil needs to be modified and stabilized.

To achieve the desired texture and consistency, typically that of a soft rock, the existing soil is mixed with Portland Cement, Calciment, lime kiln dust or other similar materials. We may use a variety of soil modification equipment and techniques, such as soil mixing and jet grouting to meet your requirements. Our soil modification approach allows us to solve such soil problems as sediment issues, excessive water content, excessive plasticity, and many others.

Soil Reclamation-phase3

Contact Us For Soil Modification

The geologic make-up of Maryland is challenging and includes many locations where soils are simply not suitable to support roads or structures. We’ve experienced this problem ourselves numerous times when working on our commercial paving projects. That’s why we saw a need in creating a separate soil modification division that helps us achieve the necessary subgrade stability and can help you do the same.

Contact us today to discuss your soil concerns and get a free estimate on our soil modification services.


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