Pavement Reclamation

Repurpose Your Existing Pavement

Just a few decades ago, when an old road or other paved surface had to be replaced, the old pavement and stone base was destroyed and hauled away. Not only was this process costly and time consuming, but it’s also a huge waste of resources. Old-fashioned asphalt replacement often leads to large amounts of waste that can’t be recycled and adds additional disposal costs.   Paving experts like M.T. Laney can perform pavement reclamation to repurpose the existing pavement into a solid and stable pavement base for the new surface.

How Pavement Reclamation Works

Pavement reclamation, also known as full-depth pavement reclamation (FDR), is a rather straight-forward process that is both fast and effective when performed by experienced paving professionals using the right equipment. Here is how it’s accomplished:

  • Step 1: The existing pavement and paving sub-grade are pulverized with milling drums.
  • Step 2: A chemical additive is distributed over the pulverized materials to create a homogeneous pavement base.
  • Step 3: The pulverized base mixed with the additive is regraded and compacted.
  • Step 4: New asphalt or concrete pavement is laid.



Benefits of Pavement Reclamation

Compared to the traditional asphalt pavement replacement, full-depth pavement reclamation offers the following advantages:

  • Little to no waste to clean up and dispose of
  • Save money and natural resources
  • Shortened construction time = minimal downtime and closures
  • Eliminate unnecessary labor and equipment fuel costs
  • More uniform and moisture-resistant base for the new road

Full-depth reclamation is a better and more budget-friendly alternative to pavement replacement. It can be done on most asphalt surfaces, but works best on large parking lots and roads with no curbs or gutters. M.T. Laney can perform professional full-depth pavement reclamation and save you time, money and resources. We have worked with numerous commercial, government and industrial clients to help them keep their project costs down without compromising the quality of the pavement.


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